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Search Engine Optimization has two main types – On-Page and Off-Page SEO.

On-Page also called On-Site SEO is all about working on your page- Title Tag, Meta Description, Headings, etc..

And, Off-page SEO is about increasing brand awareness, building trust, and link building.

I’ve seen most people think Off-Page SEO is a link building technique, but it’s more than that.

Imagine if you have optimized all the elements in On-Page SEO, and still the page isn’t ranking.

Working on On-Page alone wouldn’t rank your page in the Search Engine Result Page.

Here’s the deal :

I am going to share the best off-page SEO practices that will help to get more backlinks and increase your page ranking in Search Engine.

Off-Page SEO Guide

Let’s dive deeper into it.

What is Off-Page SEO

Off-Page is a process that people follow to off-side the page to increase the page ranking in search engine Result page.

Off Page SEO

It generates a reference to your website and promotes your website. The basic concept of off-page SEO is establishing a link on another website.

Unlike On-Page SEO, you can not have control over Off-Page SEO.

The Off-Page process involves increasing brand awareness, Trustworthiness…

… It can be achieved by link building, sharing content on Social media, Guest Blogging.

Most of the people spend about 30% of their time on Off-page SEO, and 70% of their time on On-Page.

Bottom Line:

Their website doesn’t get ranking in Search Engine.

Although you have a great piece of content, it is insignificant if you don’t work on Off-page SEO.

And on the other hand, if you pay more attention to Off-PAGE:

People will link to your page because they have found it relevant and trustworthy.

What’s the best part here :

Google considers these two signals- High-quality content and link building to rank the website on Search Engine.

Importance of Off-Page SEO

If done successfully, the search engine can lift your webpage on the result page. It has more value in search engine optimization


  • It increases the credibility of your website,
  • Increases domain authority
  • Gets several referrals
  • Rank your site on the search engine.
  • Google search engine uses a PageRank Algorithm to rank a webpage.

PageRank counts the number and quality of links to that page and that’s how it determines the importance of the page to rank.


If the “A” website is linked to the “B” website, which means- A has shown trust in B’ content and it wants other people to visit that content.

So, in this way, if the number of sites linked to “B”, it shows that people are trusting the “B” and it’s content.

It passes a signal to PageRank about the importance of “B”, and it ranks the site higher in search engine.

This is what the Off-Page SEO does!

It creates the number of links to your website, increases brand awareness so people can link to your site.

What is Link Building

According to Jen Barrell from Impact, “91% of pages never get any traffic from Google Search Engine because they don’t have a backlink”.

WAIT – there’s more,

The page will get more traffic from Google Search Engine if it has more backlinks.

That’s Why-

The Link Building is the most important factor in Off-Page SEO.

Let’s start with the basics:

Link Building ( Backlink ) is a process of getting a link from another website to your website.

It creates a path for the searcher and Google Crawlers to navigate through one website to another…

… The search engine also uses these links to determine the ranking of any page.

Google founder Larry Page had discovered the PageRank Algorithm.

PageRank used to measure the quality of the page based on the number of links pointing to it. The algorithm is based upon the idea of the voting system.

If the page is getting linked to others that means it has generated a vote of trust on that page.

So, higher the links pointing to the page means higher the vote of trust.

Later on, people started manipulating the PageRank algorithm.

Google has rolled out Penguin update and it penalized all the websites who have manipulated Google in link building.

Types of Links

Depending on the types of link building techniques, links are classified into three major types

Types Of Links

Natural links

People read your content and have a positive view of your content, and link their page to your page…

…because they find your content as relevant and trustworthy and they don’t want people to miss it.

AND, guess what:

They place your link on their site, and when Search Click on it, you will get visitors.

What’s the CATCH here:

You didn’t do anything here to get a link, it came naturally.

Manually build links

It is a process of getting a backlink through direct link building efforts. It is much of a mutual understanding process.

You ask other website owners to link to your page, or influencers to share your content.

The Simple TRUTH is:

It takes a lot of effort to get a link from other high-authority websites.

Getting backlinks is more important than other strategies like paid campaigns, other marketing because the results are long-lasting.


Many link builders often get pushy while building a link manually.

Instead of pitching your content and asking for backlinks, give them a reason why should they link to your page like- informing them about the broken link.

Self-created links

Self-created links are non-editorial links that you create by posting your website link in comments, comment signature, or in web directories, forums, press releases, etc.

You need to be more careful about creating this type of link.

Google doesn’t consider this type of link as a valid link, and it has penalized the self-created links.

Methods Link building

Do follow

Do-Follow are the links that allows both user and search engine crawlers to follow and reach at the point where it is pointing to.

Search Engine considers these links as a sing of Trust and expertise.

Google Crawlers and Searchers navigate through link-to-link, if it is a link is Do-follow link.

These links pass a link juice and page rank to linked website.

Let me give an Example:

Suppose you have a blogging website and you have written a comprehensive blog.

Now you want to provide an additional content which is related to your content and you think- readers should read it if they want more content, so you link it to your content.

Here’s the thing:

User and search engine crawlers will reach at the destination link, If the links are Do-follow links.

Search Engine also considers the number of Do-follow links pointing to your website while ranking pages.

The best way to give do follow link is to use keyword as the anchor text.

Syntax – Do-follow Links:

<a href= “https”//”> On-Page SEO </a>


No-Follow are the links that allows only users to follow and reach at the destination point

Search Engine crawlers don’t follow the link even if they come across the no-follow links while crawling the page.

Google Crawlers and Searchers navigate through link-to-link, if it is a link is Do-follow link.

These links don’t pass any link juice and page rank to linked website.


Search Engine doesn’t consider the No-follow links while ranking pages.

Syntax : Nofollow –

<a href= “https”//” rel= “nofollow”> On-Page SEO </a>

Link Building Techniques

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is one of the great link building technique.

It has many advantages not only it gives you links from a high authority website, but also it attracts the referral traffic to your site from the link.

The Guest Blogging- You write content for the high-authority website and in returns you expect a link from that website.

In Simple Word:

It is just the process of getting high-quality links from the High-Authority website by writing high-quality content for that site.

There are lots of websites available on the internet that accepts Guest Blogging.

Let me Break It Down For you the complete process !!

Find out the sites that allow Guest Posting on their site.

What could be the easiest way to find-out something than Google Search.

Here are some common Search Strings to find Guest Posting Site:

Now that you have tons of sites that accept the Guest Post, it’s time to analyse the sites and their post.

If you are a beginner, you must focus on the site that isn’t much popular.

Because they’ll easily accept your Guest Post request. And once you will have enough Guest Post, you can level up to high-authorities site.

Next Big Step:

Do the in-depth analysis of the site and read their blog. This will give you the complete idea of the site and blog.

See what the site owner is missing on?

What Blog Post you can write for them and Does it add value to it or not?

The site owner may reject the Guest Post if it doesn’t add any value to their site.

The thing to keep in mind while writing a Guest Post.

  1. Write High-quality content that shows your brand value so that Site owners should be more likely to keep your content and links.
  2. Don’t add too many links to the Blog Post.
  3. Don’t be too much Promotional – your article might be denied.

Here’s the exact script to send the site owner:

Broken Link Building

Broken Link building is one of all-time favorite link building techniques.

It’s easy & Simple !!!

Because you do a favor to site owner by informing him about the deal links in exchange for your content link as a replacement.

The Broken Link Building creates a win-win situation for-

Both the Site owner and the person who wants a backlink.

In Simple Word:

“ It is a tactic that involves finding dead link resources from your Niche, and informing site owner about the Dead Links and offering him a high-quality content replacement link”

Let’s find out how to do Broken link building?

Here’s the Step By Step Process to Broken Link Building

Step#1: Install Check my link Chrome Extension

It is a chrome extension that helps you to find out the broken links on the webpage.

Install this extension.

And, once you have installed it, it will appear beside the address bar.

When you visit a page, click on the extension, it will start scanning all links on the page.

If it finds the link is broken, it will highlight the link in red, it will also show an error.

Step#2: Know sites from your Niche that have broken links

Millions of links are getting dead every day because of expired hosting, or migration and it creates link building opportunities for all of us.


You need to find out the sites from your niche that have maximum links that are pointing to other domains.

Here are some examples you can use to find resource pages:

Using these search strings will give you tons of resource pages that have links.

This brings us to the next step.

Step#3: Inform Site Owner about Broken Link and offer your content

Now that you have found the broken links on the page, time to offer your content link.

Don’t Be Pushy !!!

Instead, help them first by letting them know about the broken link

And, then offer you content link as a replacement.

Here’s the script that will help you easily get the link:

Social Media

One of the ways you can get a maximum number of visitors or traffic to your website within less time is – Social Media.

Social Media has changed our lives- from the way we get news to the way we interact with Family, Friends, and other people.

It’s Everywhere and Powerful !!

It offers us countless opportunities to share content, videos, and because of that, it has become the source of information and News.

And the Impact?

This is why, this point of time undoubtedly Social Media is essential for your business- WHICH allows you to build your brand awareness, it also gets more traffic or visitors to the website.

Bottom Line:

Social Media has become a crucial part of off-page SEO – As I said earlier “It increases Brand Awareness and get more visitors”.

Let’s dive deeper:

There are so many Social Media platforms are out there, and Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram are some of the major platforms.

Social Media Stats

Here’s Social Media platform can help you to get more backlinks:

Create high-quality content and share it across social media.

Reach out to the Influencer or people who have the higher following-

-ask them to share your content.

If people find your content on Social Media, they’ll read it. They will link your content to their site if they find your content trustworthy and comprehensive.


Off-Page SEO is all about the activities that you and other people do to increase your website ranking, brand awareness.

Although Off-Page SEO is not only about getting a backlink, it is more than that.

While getting a high-quality backlink and increasing brand awareness are the important reason why everyone focuses on Off-page SEO.

A high-quality backlink can help you get more referral traffic from other domains…

…Plus It passes a page rank to the site.

That’s the reason why getting a backlink from the high-authority domain has become more important.

Well, there are so many ways that you can generate a backlink and broken link building, Social Media, guest blogging are some of these techniques.

Also, if you find this content relevant, please let me know in the comment below.

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