How to Increase Blog Traffic in 2020

Are you a new blogger and struggling with how to increase blog traffic in 2020?

Don’t worry this is the common problem among new blogger. 

Even I had a tough time getting more traffic to my blog when started blogging.

But, over the year, I have developed strategies that increased my blog traffic. 

So, if you are a new blogger and want to get more traffic fast to your blog, then Stay Tuned till the end

Because in this article I am going to share these 6 strategies that can generate more views on your blog.

But, Before that here is the reason why new bloggers fail to get more traffic:
They compete with their Niche expert.
And if you are doing this mistake, then you are stopping huge traffic coming to your blog.
It’s hard to compete with the blogs which have high DA and PA and that too for Short tail keyword.
It’s tough. 
When I started blogging, I used to compete with SEO experts. 
Those SEO expert’s blogs were( still ranking) ranking for the short-tail keyword.
So I was trying to rank my blogs for short-tail keywords that have high search volume but low conversion ratio.
Bottom line:
My blog posts were not even ranking on the 10th page of google. 

But Soon I realized this, so I had stopped competing with them. 
And, now I have developed these 6 strategies which are generating thousands of monthly visitors(traffic) to my blog.
Let’s Get started…

How to increase blog traffic in 2020

Table of Contents

Strategy#1 : Write A Catchy Heading to Attract more Traffic​

If you not paying more attention to Titles, you are losing tons of traffic coming to your blog post. 

As you might already know, titles are the number#1 responsible factor for getting low or high blog traffic.

Still, confused about- How titles can be the most important factor for getting low or high traffic?

The Answer is Simple !!

It’s not about people who can’t see your content in search engine results or on the social media platform, it’s about how do they react to your blog when they read the blog post title. 

In short, will they click on the Blog post title or not?

For Example:

You must be sharing your blog post on social media or must be doing on-page SEO to rank your blog higher in Search engine.


So it means that- your blog post is reaching a number of different people. 

And, if your post is reaching out to the number of people, then why aren’t you getting enough views on your blog?

The Logic Is Simple:

People are not clicking on your blog post if they can see your post on Social Media or In Search Engine and that is why your blog is not getting traffic.

In Simple Word-

The title of your blog post has failed to attract that visitor’s mind.

And that is why-

They didn’t click on Your Blog Post and You didn’t get the traffic. 

So, it is important to create catchy blog titles that attract more visitors.

Now, Catchy titles that attract doesn’t mean ClickBait.

Clickbait means people write the extremely catchy heading that visitors can’t resist clicking on it.

If you create a clickbait title, and even if visitors click on it and if visitors don’t find the matching content to the heading, you will lose all of them.

In short, those visitors will never come back to your site again.

So, if you are writing a catchy title for your blog post, then the content should match with the title.

Strategy#2: Engage Your Audience With An Awesome Content​

Although people have clicked on your title and laded up on your blog, now how would you make them stick to your content?

Again the most important factor#2 that can help you increase your blog traffic.

Confused? How does it even matter?

Let me explain it through an example:

Suppose a visitor clicks on your blog and then hit the back button.

You have got a page view to your blog, but because the visitor has hit the back button which means he didn’t like the content and he will never come back to the website again.

Bottom line:

You’ve missed opportunities that could have brought you more traffic. 

The visitor had kept coming back to read more of your blogs if he would have loved the content.

In Short:

The more you will engage people with content, the more traffic the blog posts will get. 

That’s how important it is to engage your audience with the content.

Wondering how to engage an audience with the content?

Let’s dive right in:

STEP#1: Imaginary Introduction

The introduction is the first chance that you will get to stick your audience to blog posts.

If they don’t like the introduction part, they would rather prefer to leave the page.

And, that is why you need to put so many efforts or time on writing a killer introduction.

Here’s the deal:

Try giving imaginary solutions in the introduction.

Find out what problem your targeted audiences are facing, write an imaginary solution of it in the introduction section. 

For example:

Suppose my targeted audiences are not able to rank their website, and they are finding a solution or technique that can help them to rank their website.

Here’s how I would start my introduction if I would have written a blog on Search engine ranking techniques.

“Imagine, one day you wake you in the morning and see that your website is ranking on the first page of Google”

Writing this kind of introduction will light up the visitor’s interest in your blog.

Step#2: Preview of your content

Though you have written a killer introduction, you also need to tell them that you don’t have any magic trick to perform that can rank their website.

Here’s how you can present the preview of your blog:

( In continuation with the above example ” Imagine… the page of Google”).

” or what if I say ” I have got 7 insanely actionable tricks that will surely rank your website in Search Engine”

Adding this preview will blow your reader’s mind and hold them back to blog, this is an opportunity to pitch your content.

Step#3: Add Bucket Brigade To Actual Content

Even if you write awesome content, people will get bored at a certain point. 

And, if they feel bored, they will be more likely to leave your blog post.

So, you need to make them stick to your content by adding Bucket Brigade.

Bucket Brigades are the word or phrases that bring the readers interest into the content.

Some examples of Bucket Brigade:

1. Here’s the deal

2. Bottom line

3. Moral of the Story

4. To be honest with You

Use these into your content to lightning up the interest of your visitors.

Strategy#3: Blog Comments

Blog commenting is an amazing trick to increase blog traffic but Most of New Blogger ignore this technique because they don’t believe it can generate more traffic to their blog post.

I found this strategy very useful and it has increased my blog traffic.

Not convinced yet?

Let me explain:

I read almost 4-5 blogs a day ( my niche Blog). So, after reading the complete blog, I go to the comment section and write down a comment.

Not only I write the things I liked about the blog but I also add some of my points and strategies into it.

Wondering how does it even increase blog traffic?

Here’s how it works:

Whenever other people read the blog (the blog where I have put down a comment), they will read the comment section also.

There they will find my comment (and strategies that I have written). 

If they find my strategies worthy, they will visit my blog or a website.

This way I am bringing more referral traffic to my blog post.

Furthermore, using this technique I have been able to build more loyal visitors. 

Now I have some loyal visitors or audiences for that matter who read my blog more often.

With this much of benefits, it can’t be ignored.

Try finding those article which gets the maximum number of views.

Where do you find these blog post which gets more view?

It’s simple!!

Type a keyword into Google Search engine, you will get these blogs.

Once you find them, read all of them and write down your comments or finding or your won strategy.

Don’t read the article just for the sake of the blog commenting, read the complete article, and then comment.

Although it looks like a slow process, it has 100% results.

Strategy #4: Transfer Traffic to Other Blog Post

Internal Linking means transferring traffic to your internal pages.

In short, linking your blog posts to each other. 

So, when someone clicks on the internal link, you will automatically get referral traffic from other blog posts. 

It is the most passive way of generating traffic. 

You can give a slight boost to your low traffic generating blog posts.

Additionally, it makes it easy for Search Engine Bots to find your newly updated or published blog posts and makes indexing faster.

Internal linking should be done carefully otherwise there would fewer chances of referral traffic. 

Don’t just link for views, do it effectively.

Here’s how you can link blog posts internally :

Find out the place or words or phrases to where do you think it is important to link to.

For Example:

I have written an article on How to Start a Blog. 

So, I want to link this article to other pages, I will find out a word which is related to “How to start a Blog”.

When I will find it, I will link it to that word or phrase.

Points to remember during internal linking:

  1. Don’t over link blog posts. Otherwise, people and the search engine will consider the page as a spam page.
  2. Use different colors to highlight the internally linked pages.
  3. You can also use a bolt, underlined, or italic style to make it more visible.

Strategy#5: Social Media Sharing


Social Media has the power to get your more views in less than a minute.

You can’t ignore the fact that people spend more time on social media than any other place.

It won’t be wrong to say that Social Media has become part of daily life.

So, if as a blogger you are not active on Social Media, trust me you are missing out on huge traffic coming to your blog.

Aren’t you active on Social Media? Well, it’s never too late for anything.

Here’s how you can become active on social media and drive more traffic to blogs:

# Facebook:
Facebook is the number#1 social media platform used worldwide.

And, I don’t think anybody in the world (above 16years old) does not have a Facebook account.

Three simple steps to get traffic from Facebook:

Step#1: Share a Blog Post on Wall

There would be hardly fewer people who have less than 500 friends to their Facebook page.

Even if there are less than 500, still you can get more views ( if every friend on Facebook account clicks on it).

So, Sharing a blog post on the Facebook wall can get you more views.

Steps#2: Ask other people to share your post on their wall

It can bring tons of traffic to your blog if all of your Facebook friends share your post on their wall.

To be honest with you:

Not all of the Facebook friends will share it.

But still, you can convince some of them to share your blog post on their wall. And if you believe me, following this strategy will bring more unique traffic to your blog.

Step#3: Create a Facebook Page

This is the most important step because it builds the audience and increases the awareness of your blogging website.

It also increases the audience interaction.

Share your blog posts to the Facebook page so that people who followed your Facebook can read or access your blog posts.

# YouTube Channel
Again an important place where people spend most of their time.

Create a YouTube channel and start uploading videos. 

Videos can be like a solution to the problem that you’re targeted audiences are facing.

So if you don’t know what problem you’re targeted audiences are facing?

I suggest you go to Quora and type your keyword into the search box, you will find the different questions that people are asking.

You can use these questions, and create a video that provides the solution to a problem.

Make sure when you upload a video, add the blog posts link in the description.

Strategy#6: Guest Blogging


Guest Blogging is the fastest way to get more traffic to your blog post.

It is a technique of getting referral traffic from other blogging website-

-where you write a guest post on their website for free and in return your get a backlink.

So when people click on it, you get referral traffic to your blog post.

You must be wondering – where to find websites to write a Guest Post?

Here’s a step by step process:

Step#1: Find an authority website

To find the websites that accept guest post, go to Google Search, and type these search string:

  1. Keyword + “write for us”
  2. Keyword + “become an author”
  3. Keyword + “guest post”
  4. Keyword + “guest article”
  5. Keyword + inurl: contribute

Entering these strings into Google search engine, you will find the site that accepts Guest Posting.

Step#2: Get Blog Post Idea

Now you have multiple sites for guest posting, so you need to go to their site and check all the blogs.

By Analyzing their website you will come to know about the topic that they are missing on.

Once you know it, create content around that topic. Make Sure you write unique and quality content.

Step#3: Pitch you content to the website owner

You have got a topic idea and created a unique content on it.

Now you need to pitch it to the website owner.

Here’s the pitch you can use to pitch your content idea:


Hi [Name],

I’ve read your article on [Write Topic Name Here].

Awesome Work!

Specially, you’re *Top 7 Keyword Research Strategy*[Add the topic name] helped me to do keyword research Like a Pro.

Well, the reason behind mail is- I would love to contribute a Guest Post on your website.

Furthermore, here is the list of topics that I think can more add value to your reader.




I will also make sure that the content I am going to share is unique and can’t be found anywhere on the internet.

To give you the overall quality of content that I will be adding to your website, Here’s the link of a blogpost or Guest post I have recently published.

[ Your BlogPost or Guest Post Link]


Your Name


How to increase blog traffic in 2020 most of the bloggers ask this question and even I was searching the answer to this question. 

But soon I discovered these 6 strategies that increase blog traffic fast. 

And to be honest with you:

If you work upon these strategies, you will surely get blog traffic. 

Believe me!! It worked for me and I hope it will work for you.

Please let me know in the comment section which of the strategies you are going to implement first.

 Also, let me know if you have any additional strategies.

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