How to Start a Blog which makes $2000 a Month

Are you planning to start your First Blog but have not taken any action yet because you don’t know whether you are going to succeed or fail?

Let go your fear and Don’t Wait, Too Long to Take Action !!!

Because 2020 is the best time to start a blog. If you create a blog now after a few years you will become an expert and can guide other new bloggers. Also, you will have millions of followers which will help you in affiliate marketing to generate thousands of dollars.

Millions of people start a blog looking at the earning potential from blogging. But soon they get fail in their first blog because they start a blog without complete information. 

So this blog guide is for those people who are going to start or have started their first blogThis guide will cover EVERYTHING… So, STAY Tuned till the end…

How to start a Blog

Starting a Blog in 2020 is not rocket science anymore. It just takes 15-30 minutes to start a blogging website.

So, if you Want to Start A Blog but don’t know from where to begin?

Don’t worry, you are not alone!! Millions of people are in this situation.

Even I’ve been there too!!

And believe me, it took me three years to enter into the pool.

When I started blogging I had no idea and nobody was there to guide me. 

So, I started learning it myself by reading other expert’s blog and it also helped me to minimize the mistakes that I had done in my previous blog.

The lesson that I’ve learned here:

There are hundreds of ways that can ruin your blogging journey.

So, to be Honest:

A complete step by step guide is what you need to start a blog-

  – That’s why this guide comes in handy. So, if you’re starting a new blog is 2020, this complete guide on How to start a blog and Make Money from it will help you start your blog.

Let’s get started:

Profitable Niche Selection

This is the first step of Starting a Blog and the most important Step.

Why Am I emphasising so much on Niche Selection?


So many people out there in the world have failed to take the first step to start a blog because they are unable to find the perfect and profitable Niche for their blog.

It is easy to find a Niche that you are interested in and making it a profitable money-making Niche.

In this topic, I will show you how you can select a profitable Niche for your new Blog.

Wrong Nich Selection

I clearly remember when I decided to start a blog, I chose the “News” Niche. I had a feeling that News Blog would do a better job.


Soon I end up getting a failure. And the reason was clear-I used to write a copy version of other’s article.

It Taught me a Lesson of Blog Industry:

“Do not start a blog if you are less interested in a Niche”.

I started my first blog with a niche in which I had to be updated to provide fresh content to my Reader.

Like every other newbie, I was confused about the Niche and when I chose my Niche, I was least interested in it. Because of that, I was not consistent in writing blog posts.

But then I decided to choose a perfect Niche for me.

So, I asked myself a few questions:

1.  What am I interested in?
2.  Can I write at least 500words without any research and reading other blog?
3.  What do I have expertise in?

When I answered these questions to myself, I found my Niche.

So, If you are also struggling to find a Niche for your Blog, ask these questions to yourself.

Whatever answer you will get-it would be your Niche or closely related to it.

And if you are still unable to find the perfect Niche to start a new Blog then-

Here are some of the most popular Niche:
1. SEO
2. Blogging
3. Food
4. Travel
5. Health
6. Finance
7. News
8. Online Money Making
9. Digital Marketing
10. Photography Tips
11. Technology
12. Review
13. Game
14. Sports
15. Job
16. Fashion
17. History
18. Biography
19. Public Speaking
20. Motivational Blog

I guess it is much easier now!!. You can also get into subcategories

For example:

If SEO is Main Nich:

Here are the sub-categories of SEO Niche:
1.  Backlink
2. Keyword Research
3. On-Page SEO

If this doesn’t help you, then take a pen and paper or else you can use the Mobile phone.

List down all the things that excite you on paper or mobile phone’s notepad, try to write as much as you can. You will come at a particular point where you will have written all the things that excite you.

Now, go back and read all the things you have written, and pick up the things that find very much interested in.

Do this until you find the MOST Exciting thing.

Blogging Platform

Blogging Platform means a platform where you publish your content in the form of a blog and also known as the content management system. WordPress is highly popular amongst the blogger.

Following are the type of Blogging Platform:

Free Hosted – You can publish your own blog without any cost involved init. But, it comes with certain limitations, terms and condition. In a freely hosted platform, you get an option to select your Blog name but it doesn’t allow you to change the domain name. For Example :

Self-Hosted – It allows you to change your domain name and you are the owner of this blog. It also doesn’t have any terms and condition (Except domain registrar and web hosting company’s rules ).

Blogging Platform Selection

1. Free Blogging Platform

Newbies who don’t have a single idea of blogging, then my recommendation goes to Free Hosted Blogging platform. 

Because- if you have a less idea of blogging, that’s means there are more chances of you making a mistake. So, on the Free Hosted platform, you can learn everything about Blog and then you can start. 

Blogger is a free platform to start a blog for FREE. It’s Google’s product and offers many benefits to new bloggers who don’t have technical knowledge like domain, hosting, sitemap.

As a beginner, you should start with Blogger, it provides free hosting and free account.

And the best part-

Even if you make a mistake and your account gets penalized, you won’t be in any loss (unless you are doing well and earning decent money from that account).

2. Self-Hosted Platform

It is always recommended to have a blog on a self-hosted platform. 

So if you have decided to move or to start a blog on the self-hosted platform?

I respect your decision !!

Because the self-hosted platform unlocks the door of online earning. (We will discuss this later in this article). It gives professionals look to your blog and can convert your blog into businesses which can make a lot of money.

One of the best and popular self-hosted platform amongst the blogger is WordPress. It is much easier to use, you can customize the blog the way you want. They have a number of plugins and themes for free and paid version too. 

With that-

Here’s the step by step process to start a Blog on Self-Hosted Platform:

Step#1: Register your Domain Name

The second most important thing after choosing a Niche is Domain Name. Almost every newbies get confused while deciding the domain name.

People will recognise you with your domain name and that is why it is so much important to have easy to remember simple and unique domain name.

Once you register your domain you can’t go back and change it unless you register another domain name. 

Selecting a domain name is not that hard, it requires you to patiently think and decide. 

And to make it even easier for you, I will be sharing some awesome tricks to find a perfect domain name.

Domain Name Register

Before registering a domain, you must have a unique name that you want to be recognized for.

Domain Name: It is an address of your website. People will know you or your website by the domain name.

Most of the newbies are stuck at this point. 

It looks like a lengthy process but it isn’t?

Let me, make it simple for you.

Option#1: You can consider adding your main keyword into Domain name

For example:

If ” SEO” is my Niche and if it is my Main keyword also-

Domain Name would be like this:

1. SEOguide
2. SEOhelp
3. SEOBook

I can write many but I hope you have understood how to make use of the main keyword into a domain name.

Now let’s come to the main point:

If you add the keyword into a domain name, it will:

  1. Help users to understand what your website is all
  2. Help Search Engine to understand your website or page is closely related to searchers query ( if they are Searching any SEO related information).
  3. Additionally, it shows people that they will only get the information which is related to the main  “SEO” (considering the above example) keyword.
  4. Next time whenever they want any information about SEO keyword( considering the above example), your website will be the first thing which will come to their mind.

Option#2: You can use your name

If you are still confused and don’t know what domain name you should keep.


You can consider your name. It is quite simple and unique, and easy to remember.

The world-known SEO expert Neil Patel has used his name in the domain.

And now his name has become a brand.

I guess. it is much now for you to select your domain name and if you have got your domain name, it’s time to register it.

Here are some registrar companies to register your domain name:

  • Bluehost
  • Godaddy
  • Hostgator
  • Namecheap
  • Dreamhost
  • Shopify
  • Buy Domains

I bought my domain name from Godaddy, you can consider any one of the above company to register a domain name.

Here’s how to register a domain name (Using Godaddy).

First, visit the Godaddy’s official website, click on Domain option as you can see the below image.


This window will show up when you click on the domain option. Now you need to see if the domain name you have chosen is available or not!

For that enter your domain name in Search Box and click on the search icon. And this is how you will be able to find if the domain name is available or not.

Domain Name

If the domain name isn’t available, then scroll down a little bit, you’ll find the same name with a different extension.

For Example:

If the .com extension is not available then scrolling down a little bit you’ll see:

  • .net
  • .in
  • .co
  • .online

You can consider purchasing these extensions if you want.  

And if your domain is available, then click on add to the card and, click on continue to cart. 

Continue to cart

After you click on “continue to cart” option, the new page will open where, it will ask you to purchase additional products, for example Privacy policy as you can see in the above image.

Select the “No Thanks” option to save the additional cost and again click on “Continue to cart”. So, before payment, you need to create a Godaddy account. Enter your details and create new Godaddy account. 

And, if you already have one, click on sign in.

Godaddy account create

Once the account is created, need to proceed for the payment. You get multiple options for payments.

Choose any one of the payment option as shown in Image and complete the purchase.

Godaddy- Payment Details

Congratulations!!! your domain name is registered with Godaddy.

Step#2: Get Hosting For Registered Domain Name

Hosting is a service which helps other people to access your website. Web Hosting companies also provide space to your website to store your images, files and other details. It is like computer hard disk-where you save all your files and data.

As a beginner, choosing the right hosting provider is a very difficult process because every other blogger is promoting different hosting companies. So it becomes difficult for newbies to decide which one is the right for them.

In this topic. I will help you to choose the right hosting provider at the cheapest price. 

Get Hosting For Registered Domain Name

Though you have registered your domain name, people won’t be able to access your website unless you host your website. The name “Hosting” sounds too difficult, but don’t worry, Purchasing a web-hosting is much easier.

There are many companies which provide hosting at a cheaper price. 

Here are some hosting provider companies:

  1. Godaddy
  2. Sitegroung
  3. Bluehost
  4. A2 Hosting
  5. Hostgator
  6. Big Rock
  7. NameCheap

All of the mentioned companies are providing hosting at a cheaper price. But I will recommend you to purchase hosting from Godaddy because you will get a cheaper plan as compared to other companies.

And you also get a monthly payment option.

While other companies will give you cheaper plane but condition is-you need to purchase it for at least 12 month which automatically costs you more than $100.

So, if your newbie and want to start a blog in 2020, I will suggest Godaddy for hosting because of the monthly payment option and it hardly costs you $2-3 per month.

With that-

Here’s how you can purchase hosting from Godaddy: 

Click on hosting option on Godaddy’s website, you will find a similar page showing different web-hosting plane.

Godaddy- Hosting Plan

Select the hosting plan according to your choice and click on add to cart. 

Now the below screen will appear in front of you. As a beginner, you should go with the starter or Economy plan.

Godaddy- Hosting Plan Term

After choosing the plan, Select the term length for the plan(In the above image-I’ve selected 1-month plan) and scroll down a little bit and click on continue to cart and the sign-in page will appear in front of you.

You need to sign in if you have Godaddy account, if you don’t have one, click on Sign Up and create an account.

Once the sign-in has done, the payment option will appear, you will need to enter your payment details there. After this click on complete purchase and Congratulations!!!  You have purchased the hosting. 

Step#3 : WordPress Installation

WordPress is the Content Management System, popular amongst the worldwide blogger and Millions of bloggers are using WordPress. 

The best part of WordPress -it comes with a lot of customization part and anybody can use it with ease. It also offers thousands of free themes, so if in case you don’t know the coding part of the website, you can still design a beautiful website with the number of page builder plugins. 

And the most important, there are a number of different plugins which will add value to your website. For Example: SEO Plugins, Social Media Plugins, Page Builder etc.

So, in this topic, I will show you how you can install WordPress.

WordPress Installation

Login into your Godaddy Account and open cPanel, then you need to click on Installatron.

Now Click on WordPress option, the next screen appears would be- WordPress Installation page.

Wordpress Installation

Click on “Install this Application”, After this you need to enter domain name, user id and password. Once you enter all the correct details, wordpress will get installed.

Step#4 : Install Themes

Themes are the most important part of your website because the design of your website can attract people when they come to your website. And that is why it is very important to choose your theme or design your theme carefully.

But Wait a Minute!!

You don’t need to do any coding here. WordPress offers thousands of FREE theme which you can modify using the page builder. With just simple Drag and Drop, you can create a theme the way you want.

In this topic, I will show you how to choose and install a theme from WordPress’s theme library. 

WordPress Theme

Don’t worry if you don’t know the technical side of website development. WordPress has a free theme library which allows you to directly apply your favourite theme to your website.

So, Here’s how you can Choose and Install theme From WordPress Theme Library

First login to your WordPress admin account-

Once you open the WordPress admin link in the browser, the similar (as shown in image) will appear in front of you.

Wordpress Login Page

Enter your user id and password, then wordpress homepage will open (As you can see in the below image)

In Dashboard>>Click On Appearance>>Click on Themes>>Add New .

Now you will see thousands of Free Theme, select the theme which you like. So when you move your cursor on the theme, it will give you two option- Install & Preview.

You can get a Preview of the Theme by clicking on Preview. And If you have liked the theme click on Install. This way you can install the theme from WordPress Theme Library.

Now, Once the installation is done, customise the theme the way you want:

Dashboard>>Click On Appearance>>Click on Customize

Now the first thing to do is-change you Site Title, then add the main menu option. Once the customization is done, you can consider installing page builder to create attractive webpages.

Step#5 : Must to Use Plugins

Do you know the BEST thing about WordPress?

It’s Plugins. Plugins are the software when added to your WordPress website can increase website functionality. WordPress has thousands of plugins which can help you build your website better, can help you get more traffic from social Plugin.

Some of the Plugins offers better functionality with paid version and some of the plugins offers better customization at no additional cost. So In this topic, we will be discussing the Plugins that are must to have.

WordPress Plugin

You’ll need a Plugins at every stage during your Blogging Journey. When i started a Blog in 2019, i install every single plugin which was not even adding a value to my website. 

And the More confusing Part-

WordPress has different Plugins for same element.

For Example:

There are almost 102 Plugins are available for SEO.

You Must be wondering-

How to determine which of the Plugin is best for newbie who has just started a Blogging?

Because you might have read or seen a YouTube videos, different Blogger a promoting different Plugins.

Consused ? 

Here’s the deal:

I am going to share the exact Plugins that actually make sense and add value to your website.

1.  Yoast SEO

If you have just started a Blog and don’t how to do SEO effectively, then Yoast SEO is the absolutely BEST Plugin for you.

It’s Simple, Easy and most profitable Plugin.

Most of the bloggers are using this plugin, it has almost 5+ Million Active Installations till now.

The Yoast Plugin offers- Paid and Free Services.

Don’t worry if you don’t want to spend money on the plugin because with the free version you can rank your website.

2. Rank Math

Highly recommend this Plugin to everyone. If you have just started blogging and have somewhat idea about SEO. Then, undoubtedly you should use Rank Math. 

It allows you to optimize your website for number keywords on Free version. It offers 13+ different type of Schema Markup ( Rich Snippet),with just a few click you will be able to optimize your website.

Rank Math Plugin

3. Elementor

If you are a Blogger and don’t have Elementor page Builder Plugin installed, believe me you are missing many creative and attractive things.

Elementors Page Builders simply allows you to drag and Drop option to build website or pages or post. It comes with both paid and Free version.

But, again you don’t want to spend money-FREE version of this can also add more value to your website. I can blindly recommend you to get a paid version of this Plugin. 

Because paid version has also many features that can make your website or webpage looks beautiful.

Elementor Page Builder

4. Social Snap

People are more active on Social Media and that is why it is more important for blogger to connect with Social Media.

Social Snap plugin allows you to share your blogpost on different social media platforms.  

Make Money From Blogging

Blogging has become the most popular way of earning online money. Most of the people are moving towards blogging to earn most. A well established Blog has high level of potential to earn Millions of Dollar.

There are number of different way to make money from new blog. 

When i started blogging it was more of a kind of hobby. But the earning potential of blogging blew my mind. Some blogger are making thousands of dollar per month from blogging.

That’s when i decided to start a blog that can make more money.

If you are also want to start a blog to earn money?

Here are the different ways that you can earn money:

1. Adsense

Google Adsense is the most popular money making way for blogger and youtuber. If your blog has millions of visitors per month, trust me then Google Adsense can brings thousands of dollar in your pocket.

In general, Google will show advertise on your blog, and if people see it you will get money.

It is much easier to get Adsense approval. Even if you have just newly started a blog, you can apply for adsense.

Simply follow the Google Guidelines:

In Short- Write Unique content,don’t copy images, and most important get unique visitors to your website. 

2. Affiliate Marketing

Another most popular way of money making through blog. Most of the blogger are earning decent amount of money through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing means- you refer a service or product of particular company to other, and when other people buy it, you get a money as a peace of commision.

It would be most effective if in case you have millions of followers. And if you don’t have followers, you need to promote your blog as much as you can.

Because when your blog reaches to maximum people, more chances of people buying from your blog.

3. Online Services

If you are Good at something, never do it for Free.

Right, isn’t it? 

Why do for free you have an expertise hands on something?

For Example:

You are good at SEO, you can start providing SEO services or you can offer paid SEO course.

Take Away

Want to start a Blog through which you can earn $1000 a month ?

Well, Stop thinking and Go ahead then.

Because 2020 is the right time to start a Blog. 

How to Start?

Simple!! Register your domain name first and then Purchase a hosting.

Once done purchasing the hosting, install wordpress application, and some useful plugin.

That’s it!!

Now you are ready to write your first blog.

Please let us know if you liked this article and let me know in the comment below.

How to start a Blog In 2020 Take away

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