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Who am I and How Did I start Ask Nything?.

Ask Nything

My Story

My Name is Snehal. I am from Pune and I have done my graduation from Pune. I am working in one of India’s Reputed IT company. I like watching movies, reading books, listening to music. I remember once I was watching a YouTube video where the first time I got to know about Blogging.

After watching several videos on Blogging, I put my first foot into the blogging industry. Because my mind was amazed at how much money a blogger could make. I wrote my first Blog on Blogger.com and since then I started writing a Blog but soon I got failed. So I decided to move on and then I started focusing on my Job

How Did I Start Ask Nything

After 2-3 months, I had decided to start a blog and this time chose writing about financial advice I used to write about how to overcome your financial situation but soon I’ve got failed. And, this time I almost took six months of break.
I knew I was missing out on something and fortunately, I understood that it’s Google’s update and guideline that I wasn’t following. So then, I decided to invest my time into SEO and Internet Marketing. I read more than 10-15 books on SEO and watched most of the detailed videos on YouTube and this time I was prepared. And finally, I started “Ask Nything”.

Ask Nything